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I know I'm bringing up a common subject here, but after having the game for a few days, it's pretty apparent that this game was mainly made for consoles. I usually don't get on the PC elitest bandwagon but it's just so obvious in this game. Heck, it's crushing my hopes for PC gaming as a whole to be honest. I thought that since it was an id game, PC gamers would've come first and hopes would be restored. The exact opposite happened here. I'm very disappointed in id.

I'm still looking forward to Doom 4 but should we PC gamers expect the same quality?

Are all other games just going to keep losing quality over the next couple of years? It sure looks to me that way. Maybe it's time to give up the gun and get a console. Jussayin.
Heh, you been reading my mail. I played for a while this morning and there is no denying this is a console game end to end. Normally that doesn't bother me as I loved DS, DS2, GoW and some others, and I never get involved in the PC vs console debates. But this is enough to change my mind on buying Doom 4 on day of release. I didn't think anything could change my mind on that.

The only silver lining I can see here is if Rage fails in the revenue department. It's been touted and hyped as a AAA title from a well respected developer and it's being met with derision.

Sad because it's a ton of fun to play. The tweaks do bring the graphics up to a more acceptable level, but the community shouldn't have to bring this to the devs attention, especially Carmack. Hopefully this gets their attention.
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