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Default Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***

You're gonna need to do Blighttown, sorry to say! It's a bitch but there are two bonfires - one near the top and one down at the swamp. Enjoy the poison swamp by the way. And the endlessly respawning flies that puke poison blood on you. Bring a bow if you don't have one.

There are a ton of optional areas available if you want to try - Darkroot Forest, New Londo Ruins (only go here if you're cursed, or you can't block or attack the ghosts), Darkroot Basin, Valley of the Drakes (avoid this IMO I still can barely kill the enemies here). Explore places you may have missed in Undead Burg/Parish, buy one-time items like the things that let you repair at bonfires, etc. Grind souls if you want. Plenty of stuff to do, but Blighttown is gonna have to get done at some point. Trust me it's not so bad once you explore it and know where to go/what to watch out for. The boss is really fun too.
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