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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

What did you change in your tweak? Does the game read in rageconfig.cfg automatically? I know on the id "~"console you can exec files, not sure if that was required.

With the 280.26 drivers and Transcode enabled, it's much better than with the 270.61's, which the game never even showed the option for Transcode in the menu.

As for console like gameplay, I didn't really feel it until the racing parts. They force you to participate in these races in Wellspring. I figured I'd hop outside somewhere and race, nope. You get a load screen and fly-by camera and I felt like I was in Mario Cart! The graphics during the racing are awesome though, I love how the camera pulls back, but I wanted to grab my USB Xbox controller for that part. Felt weird with WASD. I dunno. Good thing I like arcade racers.
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