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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Don't be like that. On the whole PC gamers get the better version in respect to fidelity, just look how Crysis 2 turned after the extra stuff out and BF3 will be awesome. A few minutes tweaking can turn the game into being much better or mod it.
See, I don't want to tweak. I think that it should work straight out of the box. I'm glad that id has created this "auto tweak" in the IT5 engine; it would've been awesome to just start the game and play it, not spending hours tweaking and testing settings. What a waste.

But how can you say that PC gamers get the better version? If they are just a notch above what console gamers get, then what's the difference? That's my point. Put a console game on a PC and you have the same thing.
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