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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
See, I don't want to tweak. I think that it should work straight out of the box. I'm glad that id has created this "auto tweak" in the IT5 engine; it would've been awesome to just start the game and play it, not spending hours tweaking and testing settings. What a waste.

But how can you say that PC gamers get the better version? If they are just a notch above what console gamers get, then what's the difference? That's my point. Put a console game on a PC and you have the same thing.
Because developers want all three versions to look the same anyway, it's less work for them but the PC always looks better in fidelity, due to AF, AA and native pixel for pixel resolution. PC version is cheaper as well.

PC gamers fix what developers did wrong and to a degree always have. Mods do that and so do small tweaks.
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