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Default Re: Nvidia 9600GT: Xorg process and high CPU usage

I also see this. I also note that Xorg memory use ramps over a couple of days from 600MB to 1.3G.
Then the desktop becomes unusable, and a reboot is required.
I have tried numerous configurations and tweaks via nvidia-settings, to no avail.

The stock kernel (as opposed to desktop kernel) suffers from the same problem.

Please advise what information can I provide to help debug this - I really want this fixed since the interface is so nice to use after rebooting, but I thought regular reboots were not needed for linux!

OS: opensuse 11.4 (64bit)
xorg-x11: 7.5
nividia: 275.21

Quadro FX 1800
6GB system memory
4 core Xeon X5450 @ 3GHz

Twinview (2x 1600x1200)
KDE 4.6.0
Everything is "stock" opensuse

I have also seen this on an opensuse 11.3 machine with a single monitor and nvidia card.

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