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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Mike89 View Post
What are you doing on a PC then? Sounds like you want to be a console guy. Go for it and quit whining.

Personally I had reservations about this game because I put too much into the comments before I tried out the game. Big mistake (it always is when so many just seem to want to trash everything). After getting the game and playing around with it and the tweaks (I do want to tweak), I like it just fine. This game is cool with me.
Look, I've been PC gaming since PC gaming was around, and I love tweaking games, playing with .ini files, etc. However, there is a far cry from doing that to a game that was released in the proper state and doing it because you are basically forced to because the developers were lazy ****s who treated the PC version like a red-headed step child.

Once you do all of these tweaks the game does look really, really good, but most of this stuff should have been enabled by default when you installed it. There is no excuse for the way this game was released and that's why people are bitching.
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