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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
From now on, all of my gaming money will go towards a console. I'm not spending another dime on the PC platform since we don't get the quality we expect. I'm done.
Keep in mind on consoles you will have to settle for a 30fps cap in many cases, and very little AA and AF.

I don't have a 360, but my brother does, and he can't stress enough how superior his Core 2 Quad and 8800GTX is compared to his 360. He doesn't even want to bother with 360 if he can get the game for PC, which he has hooked to the same TV.

BTW, with regard to Doom 4, Carmack already stated it will look at least twice as good as Rage, due to the fact it will run at only 30fps on consoles, so with half the framerate he can do twice the quality. I'm sure PC will be able to run that without the 30fps cap. I hope. lol
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