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Default Can't get TwinView to work with Nvidia Quadro FX 3800M

I can't get TwinView to work correctly on a Dell Precision M6500 laptop with Nvidia Quadro FX 3800M. I initially tested with the laptop's built-in screen + a LCD connected via the VGA port and subsequently tried with a docking station connected to two LCD panels + laptop screen. It half works with the open-source Nouveau driver (clone only) and half works with the proprietary Nvidia driver, but either cause X lockups on mode-switch or a screen to be blank.

I can't even get nvidia-settings to apply with 3 screens, so the below was all tested with 2 screens.

The symptoms are:

1. Nouveau driver
1.1. Clone works fine, e.g. Ubuntu installer / live trial + installed
1.2. Extended desktop causes either the laptop screen or the panel to be blank

2. Nvidia driver
2.1. Single screen works fine - no problems
2.2. TwinView causes either the laptop screen or the panel to be blank, depending on X configuration. I can easily choose which one ends up being blank by prioritising the other with the "UseDisplayDevice" config option.
2.3. When trying TwinView, the initial mode-switch causes the above #2.2 symptom, then the 2nd mode-switch back causes X to lock up (either automatically via the time-out because I can't see the original dialog box, or choosing to manually switch back). Sometimes I can get nvidia-settings not to fall back by trying to click on the button to keep the changes, but afterwards gnome doesn't accept any input at all ... the mouse cursor moves properly, but clicking does nothing, until X hangs.
2.4. When booting up with TwinView configured and the panel plugged in, the login box ends up on the wrong display.

I've tried the above with fresh installations of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32-bit, Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit and Ubuntu 11.10 beta 2 64-bit. I've tried changing the Nvidia driver from v270.41.07 (that's installed with Ubuntu 11.04) to rolling my own nvidia-current with latest Nvidia stable v275.28, then I also tried the latest v280.13.

I've looked through all the forums, FAQs and Ubuntu help I could find.

Attached is the nvidia-bug-report taken after applying the changes for TwinView in nvidia-settings, but before X locks up. I booted and logged in with 3 screens connected (laptop + 2 external), but told nvidia-settings to apply only with the laptop + 1 external. I also included a screenshot of what happens if I try to apply with 3 screens.

Note that when X locks up, I can still SSH into the machine. Usually X or compiz are eating 100% CPU. I tried with compiz disabled and experience the same issue.


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