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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
Field of view is already at 80, much higher than the 65 or so I've seen with other 'console' games. I hear a lot of fov complaint these days, but I'm not sure what people expect. What do you prefer for fov?
I use cvaradd g_fov 20 and I think it looks much better than default. Now if I could only find a way to remove mouse acceleration from the menus I'd be set.

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
Megatexture certainly does create a world that's like an interactive painting. In fact I would trade texture resolution(to a degree) in order to have what we have here. Despite the drawbacks of this approach it truly is an artistic achievement. Nothing like this has been seen before, which shows how innovative Id Tech 5 actually is.
The game does look like a painting when you get it all sorted out, and I love it, but I think Megatexture is more suited for consoles than for PC gaming. It's just not practical to make every game require 25+ gigs for textures this low and something along the lines of Crysis would take upwards of 200+ gigs. PC's are not memory starved, which is where this megatexture stuff shines, so while we will probably see quite a few console games using this tech I don't expect to see very many PC only titles take advantage of it.

Originally Posted by Slammin View Post
A lot of those tweaks will bring older machines to their knees. I imagine that is the battle a developer faces when it comes to PC's. Of course they could just release a title balls-out (Falcon 4 era anyone?) and hope that tech eventually catches up, but the attention span in this genre of games is too short for that. So, they try to balance things to appease the largest group possible, yet still make money. Their sacrifice to dumb down things to accommodate the greater audience seems to tick off those extreme personalities, like you, to no end.

Not attacking you personally, but you have to have a broader view of things. Creating a game for consoles means you already know NOT to stress tech areas the current console is not capable of handling, and to do so would render the current consoles obsolets. In the PC world, those 'areas' are a moving/evolving target, that are capable of advance at a rate a console is not.

Anywho, I'm a tweaker. I'm also a PC enthusiast. I love when a tweak comes along that allows me to get more out of my hardware, or a game.
I'm not an extreme personality, I'm just someone who thinks that not having a single graphical setting other than AA under video options is ridiculous. You want to see extreme personalities go check out the crazies who are currently giving this game a 3.4 on Metacritic.

Who cares if those tweaks bring the lowest common denominator PC's to their knees? least make them options. Even further, as Sean_W mentioned, the higher texture settings have ZERO impact on performance, until you start hitting Intel type video cards. Would it have been so terribly difficult for Id to have video options in-game? Do you know how much of this **** storm could have been avoided by adding these tweaks as in-game options?

And I'm a tweaker also, but this isn't normal PC game tweaking we are talking about. This isn't taking Crysis, which had a FULL set of video options and pre-sets and making your own config to make it look/play even more amazing. This is taking a straight console port and adding in stuff that any PC game should have by default. I mean come on, the texture streaming issue alone shows how little Id put in to the PC version.

Being too lazy to offer proper in-game settings has cost Id quite a bit over the past few days. It will take far more work and effort to repair their reputation than it would have to add a few simple sliders to the PC version. It will certainly cost them more money in the long run.

Sounds like I hate the game, but I don't. I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. I just think Id dropped the ball and it's annoying that yet another former PC only developer has completely lost sight of what PC gamers expect.
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