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Default PowerMizer (level 2) GT 240m

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can provide any information on why performance level 2 (highest) is unavailable for my GeForce GT 240m.

This mode is listed within the nvidia-settings utility, but the driver never achieves switching to it. Instead, it uses performance level 1 as the maximum mode, which uses clock speeds considerably lower than level 2.

I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 x64 with the Nvidia 280.13 driver. This has been an issue since I purchased this machine and is not reproducible on Windows, which quickly switched to performance level 2 when entering games in the short time I had Windows 7 installed on the machine.

This is a very well designed laptop and can certainly handle any heat this GPU could produce with the highest of efficiency.

If anyone has suggestions on what I could do to reach performance level 2, it would be greatly appreciated. I've tried using Coolbits, but it only allows me to overclock the perfomance level 2 that I'm unable to use.

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