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Exclamation Two diferrent cards don't work on linux, but work on win!!!


I have a little problem that disapoint me a lot. I have a boinc farm, and i recently buy a second card to have more compute power. My everyday os is linux and i never have problems. But, i don't know why, i cannot use my card anymore to compute. The normal graphic works, but the os doesn't detect the two cuda core. One problem i guess, is that the two cards use the same driver on linux. Before continu the two cards are: GTS-450 as main and a GT-430 only for the cudas. I have tested on windows if the setup work and after the installation of the driver, all works perfectly, it detect the two cards and are able to use them as normally it's supposed to.
I really want to what the hell is that problem as i rarely use windows, but now i'm unable to use my main computer to compute while i do my everyday coding-surfing-...
So if someone have an idea about what to take a look at, please let me know!!!
Mikael Lavoie
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