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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

The gun does look cell shaded in the "wrong" light. The world looks great, some low res textures mostly in the cities. Game is still hella fun though. Remember gaming is about having fun - as we all know Crysis looked purty but was the most boring game I've ever played. It was as repetitive as anything and wasn't enjoyable. At least Rage is fun. Lets give it up on the "there are some low res textures". Every game has some low res textures, talk about beating a dead horse though. :dead-horse-fast2:

It is a lot like Far Cry 2 and Dead Island. Drive there, kill someone (or flip switch), drive back for reward. Consoles made this type of mindless game play "acceptable" gaming.

Overall I like it quite a bit and I didn't even have this on my radar. I think once ID give us some visual control which is coming soon and we get some new drivers (reportedly today) things will be looking even better. When a game from Carmack comes out lacking graphic options and the industry get negative reviews and backlash I think this will let them know PC gamers aren't going to settle for the crap the console noobs will pay for. I'm glad to see Carmack actually commenting in his blog to the issues that have been noted. 5 years ago before facebook and twitter there was no way someone like Carmack would even get any feedback, now its easy to let them know how we feel. I still dont think they take PC gamers seriously enough, they are counting on their guaranteed 6 million in sales from the console noobs, but we are making progress.

Anyways - forget about some low res textures and enjoy the game already it's really a lot of fun!
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