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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Ywap View Post
How about the difficulty level?

Has the game been balanced for keyboard + mouse or do you have to play with a pad to get a challenge?
Good question. I'm playing on hard and it's alright challenge wise. I've done some sniper missions which I passed fairly easily. It's easy to just spam grenades (which are dirt cheap - I have like 60 of them lol) or wingsticks. You go down fast on hard but its fairly easy to stand back and avoid fire. Enemies take a lot of bullets to fall though, couple of headshots even without helmets. If you want a challenge, nightmare is probably the option. Hard here feels like normal to me.

Far Cry 2 analogies are somewhat valid. Replace the respawning checkpoints with respawning buggies / gunner towers as you drive to locations. Easy to kill? Sure. Gets old after the 4th time.

The animations fail too often for them to be good, they don't flinch when doing certain canned animations and sometimes they don't even flinch when you shoot them in the head as they fire from cover.
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