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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

I haven't played much, but so far I like.

World seems more real compared to Borderlands, less re-spawning (so far) compared to Far Cry2. Better quest/"dialog" system compared to Borderlands. World is smaller then Borderlands/FarCry2 which is a good thing since you don't get sick and tired of the same BS the whole time.

Rage is definetly shorter then Borderlands and Far Cry2 but that is a great thing, a game that most people will actually finish, and won't get sick and tired of it after 20-40% progress.

Less weapons then borderlands, again this is great thing. you don't have to sort thought gazillions of the same weapon, just in different colors, and with slight changes, so do i need 20 damage at 1.2 fire rate, or 18 damage at 1.4 fire rate.

short summary, not a perfect game, shorter game, but definetly fun game so far.
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