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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
I just compared those side by side with the default 80 and you are certainly right. I never bothered even trying because I thought it would be way too much.

I'm setting that before I play tonight - thanks
Np. Glad I could help.

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
I would expect a Ferrari to blow the doors off a Golf in every aspect, none of these AAA games even come close to EYEs overall brilliant package. Ok maybe there is one area Rage game is similar to EYE, they both have just as bad bugs and glitches. lol
You seem to be alone in that thought.


And bugs and glitches do you speak of in Rage? So far the only issues I've seen or heard about have been graphical tweaks to make the game look better, nothing about bugs.

On the other hand E.Y.E is heaped full of "bugs and glitches" and it looks like a HL2 mod, which would put it squarely behind Rage in terms of graphics. Of course HR looked better also, and played better also.

No objective person could look at these three games and come out thinking that those two AAA titles aren't better all around. But you seem to have some anti-establishment, independent fanboy thing going on, so more power to you!
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