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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

I'm really surprised by the reviews giving this an 8+. The story is bad, the characters are uninteresting, and it's a generic shooter overall. I've been bouncing around for a few hours at this point and I have no idea what's going on and I don't care. Everyone's talking about the magnificent graphics, but I'm having a ton of problems... The world textures are very low quality and I have no idea why or how to fix them. There's like no video options at all. I've never seen a game with so few graphic options before. And that texture popup thing is just plain embarrassing... Here's our new engine, look at how awful everything appears without advanced video tuning! The vt_* settings helped but it still happens alot, and it still looks bad. I normally don't care too much about graphics, but when they story is this dull and the gameplay so generic I need something to keep me going...

I had no expectations at all since Doom 3 was such a huge letdown, but this is just a throwaway for me. Maybe id Software should stick to tech and outsource game development to Raven. They may not always make the best games, but at least they're fun.
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