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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
it may make a world of difference...but look at the stuff close to you...the wall next to you...the desk and the paper....its just awful..looking. This is like below low settings in most games out these days on PC...maybe i am spoiled by bf3 graphics.....but this game in the graphics department is awful...
Yeah. When I'm outside looking at the faraway world details everything is great, but almost everything I get right up on top of looks just like your screenshot, like it's from a game that's 10 years old. The offices are especially bad. I don't understand how this can be.. If it's all the result of some automatic video settings configured by hardware detection, then I think they need to revisit that because my system can play games that look a hell of alot better than this at decent frame rates.

also the mouse is annoying in the menu system to use..
It's super fast for me. I'm circling around menu items trying to get the mouse pointer over them. :P
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