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Default Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***

Yeah painted world was pretty awesome. Did you kill the boss at the end or leave her alone?

I finished the game this afternoon. I explored every area and lit all the bonfires. Used a strength oriented build with a Zweihander +15 and a Flame Claymore +10. Neither of those weapons scale with stats very well, if at all, so I'm considering upgrading my Black Knight Greatsword or maybe using one of the maces. At this point it takes like 40k souls to even get a level so I'm not sure if I want to keep on doing NG+ (finished the first bell and Capra demon) or start over with a different build. I didn't use any magic first time around so that might be a fun option.

One thing I noticed about this game is the online aspect seems to be a lot less prominent. Granted I spent most of my time hollowed but reviving and carrying a lot of humanity with you is basically just asking to lose it and the benefit of being able to call other players was kind of unnecessary since it either trivializes the bosses or your coop players end up killing themselves. Either way leaving a soulsign down to farm a boss is kind of fun, at least when you actually get summoned.

Covenants seem to exist mainly for multiplayer so maybe next time around I'll focus more on them. I didn't really use any of the beneficial items they give you.
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