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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
I have been playing it for a while now, and overall I like it. It's not really deep or anything like Fallout 3, but it's been fun to play though it's pretty linear.

The new patch made me drop my AA to 2x to stop the texture popup. At 16x it was horrible, at 8x and 4x I could see it popup just a bit at the edges of the screen if you turned around too fast, and at 2x it was gone. Yesterday 4x and 8x seemed to work fine . Also while driving, when I turn around near objects that would obscure my view of the vehicle, I get an occasional render error (like a large rogue triangle on the screen).
Yeah, the new patch sucks. Dunno why the same computer can't run the same settings after the patch that it was running before the patch. I was running 32xAA before the patch, and today if I go higher than 8x I get horrible texture pop in.
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