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Default Re: 285.03: X Server 1.11.0 IgnoreABI required to work

Originally Posted by ant View Post
How does one use the patch or downgrade in Debian? I used its provided packages through apt-get commands.
Assuming you're on Debian Sid...
0. find the package you want to patch in here , download the orig.tar.gz file and extract it
1. open a terminal, cd /path/to/package_directory
2. patch -p1 < /path/to/patch/file
3. install what's needed to compile the package: sudo apt-get build-dep package_name
4. compile it (usually ./configure && make)
5. make a deb package out of it, then install: sudo checkinstall make install
NOTE: checkinstall has an interactive menu, so you may want to give the package you just made the same name and version of the one you want to replace, so apt-get upgrade won't try to replace it with the unpatched version, but it will still upgrade it to a newer version when it'll be avaible

If you simply want to downgrade a package, either look for an older version via apt/synaptic, or manually download the deb packages and install them (they'll replace the newer ones)

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