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Default Quad Monitors ??? HOW ???

Hi All,

I would like to connect 4 32" monitors to my system (each monitor
has a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels).

The key is that I would like to have a single desktop.

Right now I have two GTX580 cards, which allow me to create a
single desktop with the Xinerama extension only. That pretty much

I looked at the "Quadro" boards and their specs are confusing as
hell. Can I connect 4 30" monitors to them and get a single desktop ?

Any other suggestions ?

I am running Fedora 14, but could switch to CentOs or may be even
a different distro. Performance is not an important issue, mostly text
and static graphics ...


PS: The monitors are DELL U3011 with Dual DVI and display port interfaces.
My motherboard has two dual width PCIE 2 x16 slots available for video cards.

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