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Default Re: startx causes kernel OOPS on Fujitsu D2618-C1 mobo, debian, many kernels & driver

Hi Frenchy,

I was actually hoping that this statement in the change log for 285.05.09 would have been my savior:

"Fixed a bug causing a Linux kernel BUG when retrieving CPU information on some systems."

But alas, it's not: still same kernel crash as before (gone back to Debian 6.0 stable, 2.6.32). I'm not sure why the ION/Zotac/NV7x-issue would apply to me, but I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed for that. Can't say I'm hopeful, though.

Thanks for the tips on getting a BIOS dump out of the card. I'll try it next time I feel like approaching that morass.

To the NVidia-guys presumably out there: Care to comment on what might be going on here? Give me something to work with, please!

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