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Default Re: Display Driver Crash Was Aero All This Time?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
of course is not Aero, I have 5 systems in the house that had vista and now run 7, and Aero never caused anything to crash.

if one of the basic OS functions is cauing a crash:
1) there is something seriously wrong with your OS, maybe you installed some crap, used some ****ty custom OS files (to change functionality), maybe you used some stupid registry "cleaner" aka registry screwup application.

2) something wrong with your hardware

if you have to increase voltage to get a card stable, maybe your PSU is not reliable and is causing power flunctuations.

unless gigabyte made changes to reference design, if your system is stable you don't have to increase voltages.

i would say get a new PSU.
The only reason I thought it was Aero was because this issue was happening to me every 5 min or less when playing Brink or other games, then I disabled Aero and it fixed it. Also keep in mind I'm a system admin for a living, been working with PCs since MS-DOS 5.0 days so this definitely isn't my first rodeo so don't talk to me like I'm like most standard computer users because I'm not .

1) I never do stupid crap like install registry cleaners on my PC, learned my lesson on that back in Windows 95 days. Also keep in mind this is an issue that has occurred over quite a few OS installs starting back with Vista, probably 10 installs at least.

2) This issue has happened over the course of a number of different pieces of hardware, 7 video cards at least, 3 power supplies, diff hard drives, mobos, etc and a completely new PC so doesn't appear to be a single bad piece of hardware unless I just have really freaking bad luck with buying hardware

As far as the PSU goes, I would agree it would sound like that's the culprit but again this has happened over the course of 3 PSUs, this one is a Corsair 650 and I'm way below usage on it and it's only 5 months old as well as all the rest of the PC so the likelyhood of that being the problem is pretty low. My old PSU was also a Corsair but a 620W one and had the same issues on that one, the one before that was an Antec 500W on my old PC before I had higher end hardware. I also have all this stuff on an APC Smart-UPS 1300 that is also not being loaded completely. One thought I had is this APC is one I've had for probably 3 years now and maybe it's possible something with it has been causing this issue all along? I don't know much about power so not sure on that but it is 1 peice that's been the same during this whole time.

Wanted to also throw this out there. Even though my sig right now says I'm overclocked I'm not currently, and I've had this issue with default clocks on CPU/RAM/Video so I don't think it's any sort of overclocking issue.

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