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Default Re: 285.03: X Server 1.11.0 IgnoreABI required to work

Originally Posted by sarbash View Post
He but for, I'm on testing and they are here. That is why I have been wondered.
In Arch really alright. But in my netbook is Intel and it has other problems with it's driver.
In home laptop, Debian wasn't updated about 1 year so I'd decided that it's a time.
Nevertheless, long duration wasn't really reason.
For all the past time I never had any trouble with Nvidia on my family's Debian laptop.
Well, it really depends on which version of Debian you've been running: Sid/unstable breaks often (it's still good as a desktop os imho), testing (currently Wheezy) is made of packages that had little-to-no testing in Sid, it's supposed to be a preview of the next Debian release, but it's not that stable itself... Only current-stable (squeeze), old-stable (lenny) and experimental are the repos supposed to have tested and stable packages afaik
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