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Default Re: Windows 8 to hit retail in 2012!

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Wow... are you guys serious???

MS biggest mistake was Windows XP- letting it sit for so frikken long and now everybody is spoiled wanting to just sit on their current version of windows indefinitely.

And six storm, how about all the incremental version to OS X you have to go out and buy if you want to be up to date and current? What makes it even worse is if you've a Mac that came with 10.5 or older and does not have an Intel processor guess what? No 10.6 for you! Yup, you have to go out and purchase a whole new mac! People think an extra $150 for the new version of Windows is bad, try dropping $1500 just to go from 10.5 to 10.6 simply because your older mac didn't have an Intel CPU.

Furthermore, Apple releases new OS versions much more frequently than MS releases new Windows versions, and Apple charges for each new OS X version as well.

Sure, it might only be $30 but it's still the hassle of the upgrade process. And if it's $30 every 1 - 2 years, that's about $60 - $90 by the time the new version of Windows is out. Only going from one version of Windows to the next is usually a pretty monumental change. Likely MS could charge less for it.

I absolutely loathe people dịch vụ thuÍ xe that insist on bashing one platform or another. Do you realise, Six storm, that just last week thuÍ xe thŠng we checked in about five Macs in a single day for the Mac Defender Virus? Here's another linky for you about it as well.

I've not once thumped my chest about how epic Windows is or isn't, or how pathetic OS X is or isn't. Because that's dumb, both have their thuÍ xe du lịch giŠ rẻ strong points. Just use the rig and quite bitchin'. I don't thuÍ xe cưới hỏi hear you bitch and whine every new OS X release. Why do it over the Windows releases? If MS didn't thuÍ xe 4 chỗ release Windows this frequently you'd complain about how they sit on the same OS for so long supporting thuÍ xe 7 chỗ outdated hardware and technology while Mac OS X was current and supporting all the new technology because thuÍ xe 16 chỗ it's always getting upgrades... there's no winning for MS! Good God!

My whole point is that this bias stupidity is just that- thuÍ xe 29 chỗ stupid. For every flaw somebody "points out" regarding Windows, I could point out a flaw in OS X. Neither is perfect, so stop putting one on a pedastal while belittling the other. Only going to make yourself look foolish in the process.
I really like Window 8,trial, very fast, but it's difficult to use, may be... I'm using win 7 :P Hope "Windows 8 to hit retail in 2012" :x
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