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Default Re: Uncharted 3: Desert Village Video

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
Wow... can't believe it looks EVEN BETTER.... 3 more weeks to go .
Yep, Forza 4 will keep my busy until then. The damn console games have been so good lately that my pimped out PC with all its power is sitting idle and has been since I beat, and beat and beat Dirt 3 again. Looks like it will be sitting some more. I think days of buying $500.00 video cards are over. It just isnt worth it when you see what a dev can do with 7-8 year old hardware. Even though the consoles have not been out that long the hardware was most likely finished and ready a year before release or close for the 360 and the ps3. I would have never believed a 7900 series gpu with 256mb of ram (512 shared) could do this. Amazing.

I think this shows that pc devs just dont spend the time optimizing as they could. They have no choice on the consoles. We could still me on 8800 series gpus if all the devs had this kind of skill.
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