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Default Re: iOS 5 Available Now

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Yeah, a restore will get you 100% back to how your phone was before. If you set up and new phone you'll lose stuff.

I found iOS5 has my iPhone 4 running better than ever. It's not like the 3G going from iOS3 to iOS4.
I was going ask about that. How does it run on an iPhone 4? It's interesting that the 4S only have 512MB, just like the 4. I guess they squeezed it in.

When I got my 4 it was fast, but it seems the last couple of version made it sluggish at times, mainly when swiping though the screens or launching apps. The apps themselves run fine. I read somewhere it has to do with the way iOS takes a screenshot of everything so it can animate it during transitions.
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