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Default Re: Windows 8 to hit retail in 2012!

Comparing OSX cost to Windows is retarded. I've had a Mac for years and still haven't spent over $100 upgrading the OS. I can't say the same with Vista and Windows 7. Your argument is fail.

Also, are you going to put Windows 7 on a PC from 2005? Apple starting using Intel processors in 2006. I think you can still put Lion on a 2006 Mac, just not a G4 one.

Part of the problem with Windows is it can't evolve as much as it should because they always cater to the lowest common denominator. Windows should be 64 bit ONLY right now, but MS keeps putting out 32 bit versions.

Apple leaving 5-6 year old hardware behind is a bit heavy handed, but they are moving forward, trying to get everything 64-bit, multitouch, etc.
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