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Smile NMC's Texture Pack For Fallout3

This is an awesome texture pack for Fallout3. As you know, the texture quality in Fallout 3 is pretty awful but this guy has totally retextured the game with very high resolution textures(see video). See some of my pictures in the screenshot thread Screenshot Thread

You can download the texture pack HERE (with instructions). You will need to register on the site to download.

You will also need the large address enabler as the game will most likely crash because the game is limited to 2Gb, get it HERE. NOTE that this disables Games For Windows Live, so you'll have to start a fresh game.

There are different size textures as well. The biggest ones you'll need a card with 1GB of Vram, more is recommended because it just hits 1GB vam and you'll get some stuttering.
Enjoy, the texture pack is just awesome.

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