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Default Re: Skyrim Map Leaked!!

Yeah. It's using an overly simplified level system where you only focus on three main stats. Magic, Strength and Stamina. The perks/dragon shouts and play style is what will diversify your character from others. No more jumping around like a crazed lunatic just to rise acrobatics anymore, lol.

But, the only thing that has me worried is that it's Bethesda. We were promised so much for Oblivion, and they hardly delivered. Radiant AI? Shaders? The two main things about the game that set it apart from everything else were gone.

It's because of these promises that I don't even pre-order anything anymore. I always wait it out until at least the first patch. If I get a comp copy from work, then I'm not going to complain. But it's really rare that I put my money down for any games these days. They've gone to crap.

Here's a good page with everything so far about the game.
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