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Default Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
Yeah apparently a lot of people are having trouble with their orders. Apparently they just didn't make enough copies of the game to meet demand.
no no, mine is coming from Gamefly. I rented it. They just sent it from a warehouse out of California instead of up here in Seattle.

I am going so slow in this game. I can't go 20 feet with out checking out everything for a hidden passage. I HATE THAT! Then the one soul up top the broken steps in the tutorial pissed me off. I tried everything to get it then I read you can only get it later when you come back. I swore I wouldn't leave until I got it.

Any way, besides me trying to check everything out and going so slow, the game is exactly like Demon Souls, except there isn't a formal hub but I like this open world better. It makes soul grinding so easy. Yeah, I do that. :d I level up a bunch then I go out and tackle bosses. It makes it so much easier. Slower but easier.

I like the soul on the narrow path above the ravine. I'm like ho hai, mr soul, I'll take you thank you very much. Then like the dragon I thought was dead said. Oh Hai mr noob, thank you very much om nom nom nom. I ran back got my souls and ran back with my tail between my legs to the safer parts of the world.

While these games are better, I still had a more fun time playing King's Field. I was really sucked into that game.
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