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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

I'm trying to figure out how this even happened. Looking at a 6 core Phenom II in terms of size/transistor count/performance, and looking at the improved version that was on the A series Fusion products(5-7% per clock faster) , this just seems impossible.

BD is almost 2 billion transistors and 315mm2 on 32nm.
Phenom II is only 907 million transistors and 346mm2 on 45nm.

If they just took the improved A series Phenom core, and put 8 of them on a chip, you'd end up with around 1.2 billion transistors and a die size of around 240mm2 on 32nm, with much better performance than this chip. They could have clocked it up faster because of the power savings. Why didn't they just do that? They've been making this thing for like 4 years, and it ends up worse than just a macro'd die shrink of their existing processor? I don't even understand how that can happen.
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