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Default Official Forza Motorsport 4 Feedback Thread

This is scoring pretty high on Metacritic currently... released yesterday, anyone picked it up already?

IGN: Like the step up from FIFA 11 to FIFA 12, there's no going back to Forza 3 now. The changes and updates are too welcome and widespread. The improved visuals, the added cars on track, the wealth of new race types, the tweaked AI and closer racing, the ferocious sound and superior sense of speed, the even better livery editor, the lot. With Forza 4 Turn 10 has crafted a driving game like no other; it's hands-down this generation's premier racing simulator.
GamePro: Put them all together, and you have the ultimate automotive playground. A place where car buffs can come together and enjoy virtually every aspect of car culture you can think of and engage in fierce, beautifully articulated competition. Its a remarkable achievement, and the reason why Forza 4 accelerates down the final straight and leaves Gran Turismo 5 eating its dust, crossing the finish line as the best racing game in the world today, tomorrow, and probably for the next few years.
Xbox Magazine: Put simply, though, no other car game on Xbox and wed dare say any other platform even approaches Forza 4s depth, versatility, beauty, and community support. Its so comprehensive that theres probably nowhere for the series to go from here except onto the inevitable Xbox 720. Until then, enjoy every minute of this ride.
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