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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Imagine the talk at the intel water cooler today.

Employee 1: Yawn. Hey, you hear those guys over at DMA or whatever released a cpu today?

Employee 2:Yawn. Don't do that! I was up late watching Robot Chicken, and I'm pretty tired! Anyway, new cpu huh? They catch up to the stuff we were doing last year yet?

Employee 1: Nope, but what's weird is they didn't catch up to what THEY were doing last year! What the f***?! If we tried that they'd probably audit our timesheets for the past three years!

Employee 2:No sh*t, wonder how those guys get away with this stuff?! They must all be in on it, the party probably starts at noon over there. Lucky bastards.

Employee 1: Oh well, better get back to it. See you Friday night for dinner, bring some of that bad ass 90 second IPA again, been a long week...
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