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Ok I'm a little slow here with this icloud thing. I see it says if you edit a contact on your ios device it will automatically change it on any other ios device or Outlook on the pc. How would it change it in Outlook on your pc? Doesn't make sense to me.

Edit: Nevermind I didn't see that you had to download the icloud control panel on the PC.
I go to and sign in with my wife's apple id and I still don't see her contacts or calendar on icloud though even though I have them enabled in icloud settings on her ipad2.
Hmm. Strange. I edit a contact, calendar event, etc. and it immediately pushes it to iCloud. Servers could be down/struggling now though. During the beta, they would test the servers and it wouldn't push data immediately.

Also - iCloud control panel? All I know of is
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