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Default An MMORPG From Zynga

"CastleVille takes Zynga's Ville legacy to a new level of social, you can build your castle, show it to your friends, and craft things like potions or armor. You can follow the game's story and its characters. You can trade and barter with friends by visiting their towns. And you have to defend your town against beasts who are outside the walls. The game has more personalized storytelling; players explore the world around them. You meet characters and make them happy and unlock new characters as you progress," says Bill Jackson, creative director of Zynga Dallas, previously worked at Microsoft's Ensemble Studios on titles such as Age of Empires.In short, "Zynga is bringing massively multiplayer role-playing games to the mass market."
Read the full article here.

Yeah... It's called CastleVille. They've got on in the works.
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