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Unhappy Install MDK9.0 on Asus a7n266-vm succeds but won't boot


I've just finished installing 9.0 on a:
Asus A7N266-VM motherboard (integrated graphics, audio and lan)
Athlon 1800+
40GB Seagate

The install seemed to go off without a hitch, and all the integrated bits and pieces were identified.

The hd is partitioned into
8MB /boot,
130MB /,
10GB FAT32 for windows,
9GB LVM and a
20GB FAT32.

The boot loader is lilo.

When I boot the machine, lilo comes up, from which I can boot into windows with no trouble, but if I try to boot into any of the linux images the screen goes black and it just hangs.

Some advice on how I can remedy this would be much appreciated.

A few links I found seem to refer to similar symptoms, though it was grub which caused the failure and lilo worked fine. Others experience similar things after booting, when they start X, problems with audio, etc.

Has anybody else experienced this?
Might updating the drivers supplied by nvidia fix this?
How would I go about updating the drivers from a rescue disk?

Any help MUCH appreciated.

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