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Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
Here is the link for the icloud control panel

Oh, cool. Was unaware of this. I won't use it but it sure will be nice for other people.

This morning I checked on and I only see 2 of her contacts and nothing on her calendar. WTF. Her calendar is syncing from her Exchange email at work and so are her contacts. Why wouldn't that info get sent to icloud?
That is strange. It says Outlook 2007/10 is required for iCloud... Honestly though if it's on her phone it should be uploaded to iCloud.

Also I have her stuff backing up to the cloud and I manually sent a backup but how do you access those backups? I see nowhere to try and restore from a backup on icloud if I wanted to.
If you reinstall iOS5 - It shows a list of backups you can select to "reimage" with. Just hit it and it re-installs that particular image it took. It actually works extremely well.

Not sure wtf is going on here, yea I'm not the most apple savvy person but it just doesn't seem as easy as a PC.

Edit: Just turned off Contacts for icloud and turned it back on and it said Exchange contacts won't be merged on icloud.
I also noticed Exchange calendar will not merge on icloud either by design.
Why the hell would they do something like that? I would want to see all my contacts and calendar not just certain ones. That is absolutely no use to my wife.
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