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Question Best choice for HTPC G210 or GT520 ?

Hello all,

I am planning to build a FrreBSD media center, i need some help to validate the hardware platform.

I already chose the mainboard ASUS E45M1-M PRO, it's low power, fanless and XBMC looks to run smoothly under E-450.

Now i am really hesitating between these two fanless NVIDIA graphic cards :
* ASUS ENGT520 SILENT/DI/1GD3(LP) 1 GB -> Nvidia GT520 chipset
* ASUS EN210 SILENT/DI/512MD3(LP) -> Nvidia G210 chipset

Of course the 520 one looks far better from a performance point of view but i am a little bit afraid of its support under FreeBSD (it's is a recent board).

So could you tell me if G210 / GT520 runs well under FreeBSD ?
Is there some known bugs or limitations with Nvidia FreeBSD x64 drivers ?

I plan to use HDMI for video and audio output to my TV system. I obviously want hardware acceleration for video/audio decoding .... is it well supported ?

Thank by advance for your help !
Best regards
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