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Well, Exchange is used in businesses. A service like iCloud has no place in a business environment. It's a security risk if some employee suddenly publicly shares his company calendar or stuff like that. I'd say Apple disabled it as a precaution.
I'm half aslep right now since I haven't been getting much sleep the past few days so I might not have typed that correctly about it saying "Exchange", it might have just said "Outlook", but anyways it is not showing her Outlook calendar and contacts. Outlook doesn't have to be only for business. If it is syncing her Outlook calendar and contacts on her ipad it should also sync to icloud I would think.
I went on icloud and created an event on the calendar. It showed up a few seconds later on her calendar on her ipad but only under the icloud calendar, not on the exchange calendar. If you create an event on the ipad under the icloud calendar it will show up on icloud calendar. It's that only those events will sync.
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