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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Before the patch from id, I tried those rageconfig.cfg files in the \base folder and really didn't notice anything different. The only thing that made a difference was the Transcoding option.

Anyway, I was in game last night and it seemed choppy all of a sudden, mainly when turning. I never experienced that before in Rage and I didn't change anything. I quit out and deleted the config file that I added just left there and checked my settings. Hmm, ok Vsync and Transcode on, Large textures, high AF.

After getting back to my save, the game looked better than it did before and was smooth as glass. Some weird stuff going on.

***** Spoilers *****

For those who completed it, I have aquired the Cuprino vehicle, did the Dead City, killed that huge bosss, got the Rocket Launcher, got samples of some ore, delivered them, got the defrib upgrade from that dude, destroyed the remote control bomb car factory and got the schematic, did the water works poison level, got the mind control rounds and rescued the guy from the Authority Prison, also aquiring the EMP grenade schematic. Now I have to go get a CHIP from my Ark location.

How close am I to the end?
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