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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent View Post
Out of all of the reviews, their one painted a very different picture. Funny much?
Long ago that site was totally in league with ATi, in the days of Zardon. Did things like blow up or burn their NVIDIA review cards.

These days I actually like their reviews and haven't noticed any bias one way or another. For GPUs they're one of few sites that regularly tests apples to apples Surround.

If anything I'd say they're more than fair as they run a standard 4XAA at their 57X10 rather than seeking out the rare game where "Golly Gee! If you have more the 1.5GB VRAM you can run this game at some unplayable framerates at 8X AA!" like some other sites I've seen.

An 8150 may be the equivalent of a 2600K at some games at a decent res with AA and a single GPU, but it wouldn't be my choice for gaming.
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