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Default Re: iOS 5 Available Now

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
You have a Mac right? Since the introduction of iCloud, the whole Mac/iOS offering jumped another step ahead of the competition. iPhone 4S would be my choice, without a doubt.
A phone is something that just needs to work at all times. No other company does exactly that as good as Apple.
Yes, Mac and PC. Exactly, the iCloud is pretty nice. I have my iPod plugged into iHome, and the iPod is showing up on my list of plugged in devices. Dumb it took them this long to do it, but now that they have, its pretty nice. I don't know, I like that its like a complete package (like the whole user experience that Apple preaches) That would be like the only reason I buy it, because of my music and apps and everything is on iTunes. But I'm sure there are like apps for android too. I'm torn.
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