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Default Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

Some new details:

Some new details have emerged (thanks to NeoGaf Forum Member subversus for listing them in English) from the recent interview GSC gave.

-they do not use military experts but visit military forums often to gather info about weapons. The game doesn't aim for complete realism.
-TV series are postponed, a full-feature movie will be released first.
-they don't outsorce much but some stuff is outsorced like animation for example. They do object physics in-house but have Havok licensed.
-There will be Strelok
-There is high chance that X360 version will be released but PS3 version is unlikely even though they have it running. It will depend on what state it will be in at the moment of release.
-It was mostly their decision to cut content from SOC even though they are flattered by their fans blaming the publisher. But it wasn't the case, these areas just weren't up to snuff.
-no Hollywod stuff, the focus is on authenticity (read atmosphere won't change much)
-they are not that excited about special effects like motion blur. He said that stuff like that + narrow FOV could affect a cerebellum negatively so they will decide what effects will stay at the polishing phase. It's all about realism again.
-they haven't decided yet if they ship with multiplayer or not but they want to make it special if they do.
-the team is about 60 people
-the game will look different but still realistic as it is their main focus. They want to build a good post-soviet atmosphere
-they don't talk with Metro 2033 team (still seems bitter about their departure)
-they will start releasing media in 6 months before the release.
-they were building the engine for a year because "it would take a year to learn a licensed engine" so they decided to build their own engine to render post-soviet stuff in a proper fashion
-the engine won't be licensed, it will be free. There are bigger companies that license their engine so they see no use in competing with them.
-it's their bestselling game obviously and they have 65 books released. They are planning to send these numbers t Guiness as a longest fiction series for a videogame or something like that.
-system requirements won't be low as they focus on graphics.
-the game is out in 2012
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