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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
I'm not saying it's magically a good CPU, the performance is far too inconsistent and when it does win, it isn't by enough to make up for the losses and higher power consumption. But there is potential there.

There are big problems with the L1 and L2 cache, so if they CAN fix that, whether with BIOS or OS tweaks or in the next core revision (next year), the technology could become competitive. I just think people down right writing the whole architecture off as if it will never be viable are being a bit harsh. I really hope AMD can come back from this, the worst part is that they've tainted the FX name now. So even if they come back, the name itself has a bad stigma around enthusiasts. AMD marketing was better when it was non-existent. Now they just spew a lot of crap with cool sounding names and blanket statements about "gaming products". Go back to focusing on the hardware...
Money can't buy love Viral, but it can buy engineers and better equipment and support staff for them to work with.

If you were the best CPU engineer in the country, would you work at the company with 82% of the market or 18% of the market?

Going to look for the big salary at the company worth $122B or the company worth $3B?

I think that is AMD's problem- they've lost a lot of their engineers to more successful companies and they don't attract the talent due to things like being on "most likely to go bankrupt" lists recently.

It sort of makes sense. If Bill Gates and Lindsey Lohan got drunk and made a bet each could start a company and build the better CPU, who do you think would win at the end of five years?

That's what we're seeing here.
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