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What's the point in restoring before you can see any of your backups? Maybe you have 3 backups and you want the 2nd one. If I plug into the computer and open Itunes I see all my backups listed by date. With icloud I don't see any backups. I guess you have to select on the device to do a restore then it will let you see your backups? If you do select restore is it wiping the device clean then applying your backup?
I just think it would make sense if you could go on icloud and see a list of your backups by date, instead of just trusting that they are there then when it comes to use them you find out nothing is there.
I agree it would be nice to see them online.

And I understand what you're saying now. It certainly WOULD be easier to just hit a certain restore date and have it go.

That being said, I never have to restore my phone unless I am forced to wipe/restore as with a completely new iOS. in that case it just installs the OS and I go through the iCloud process from there.
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