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Default GPU at $BUSID$ has fallen of the bus

Hi guys,

lets gather all issues related to this bug. At least its my observation that all distros see increasing amounts of reports of this issue. Currently I only experience it on my notebook which has a 8800MGTX, caused by all drivers starting from 275.09, up to (last tested) 285.05.09 (which is really questionable, because I think I used 275.x.x series without problems). This also doesn't seem to be a kernel bug, at least all kernels 2.6.32->3.0.6 seem to be affected.
More likely it's xorg related, I think. But unfortunately I can't easily revert that one (using 1.11.1 right now).

Distro is Archlinux 2010.05, upgraded to latest stable.
Funny thing is, another machine with the same distro (not quite sure whether exact same packages) and latest nvidia drivers having a 560 Ti works just fine.

So, please, lets try to track that issue down by providing as much data as possible.
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