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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

As i have posted in the HardOCP form i think is best suited.

This mess is everyone’s fault lol, When you think of the 8150 as a 4 core/module it looks much better. It should be a 4 core 8 threaded design like what the 2600K is. As the FX has parts that can technically make it a core and people believed it as a core, however as it shares resources with each other and hyper treading does not as it shares the work load over the cores rather than resources.

This made AMD think well more is better and named it 8 core to outdo their competitors. After all originally AMD was going to call it a 4 module part. However this confused customers in thinking “what’s the difference from a core and a module”? Although the modules can give upto 80% extra performance it also means that all the cores are loaded as 80% performance, so efficiency has dropped, hence it acts more like a 6 Core CPU up from a Quad core but still lower than a real 8 core which it does in benchmarks.

It’s Microsoft fault as after all this time with the likes of hyper treading been around for so many years applications typically can’t tell a difference from a physical core and a logical unit. This is why a 2600K under very heavy single treads loose performance as it may assign two treads to one core and hence loose performance while the others are idle. With the high performance of the cores it won’t actually saturate the CPU in games which is mostly GPU limited. Technically the CPU scheduler should have really been out years ago in Windows Vista.

Sadly it’s AMD way is it not? To forward think too much they bring the hardware out then have to wait for software developers to catch up. They did this with their Graphics cards on quite a few occasions and this is another one but for the CPU.

When you think about it, it is a leap forward and gives the opportunity for software developers to work with it but when it does become more stream line their competitor will jump on the bandwagon and don’t need to worry about these problems.

As now everyone thinks it’s a 8 core their expectations are off. If you consider it as a Quad core with 8 treads does it look so bad?
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