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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Dazz View Post
(1)When you think about it, it is a leap forward and gives the opportunity for software developers to work with it but when it does become more stream line their competitor will jump on the bandwagon and donít need to worry about these problems.

(2)As now everyone thinks itís a 8 core their expectations are off. If you consider it as a Quad core with 8 treads does it look so bad?
1) Unfortunately for AMD, it won't become mainstream unless Intel wants it to. AMD doesn't have enough market share to say what will and won't catch on without having an amazing performing chip, which this isn't.

2) It doesn't matter what you consider it, it looks bad. People weren't expecting more from it because of the extra cores, they were expecting more because it's supposed to be better than what is already available, and it's not.
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